Attorneys have many different styles. Bulldog, junkyard dog, and bullsh*tter quickly come to mind when I think about a few of my peers. (Diligent, focused, and compassionate also come to mind, and much more often.) In my mix I definitely include teacher, for I really believe in the value of knowledgeable clients and educated legal services consumers.

My teaching takes several forms. With clients it includes explaining matters, sometimes to a fault. With attorneys and others I provide a lot of continuing education, usually with written materials. And for anyone and everyone, I write at Mark Rubin Writes. The Knowledge Corner reflects my active attempt to improve the knowledge base. The Knowledge Corner provides links to articles, many of which I’ve written. Articles about legal matters are intended to provide general information about legal terminology, statutes, issues, cases, etc. I believe my posts are accurate, but I am not all knowing. Furthermore, this website and the sources I draw from do not always allow for consideration of every possible aspect of a situation. Finally, every situation is different. I am not providing legal advice to anyone. If you need legal assistance, hire me or another attorney!

I am a member in good standing of the State Bar of Arizona, and am licensed nowhere else. My conduct is governed by the Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct, set forth in Rule 42, Rules of the Supreme Court. Unless I make a specific observation about the law of another jurisdiction, information I provide relates to Arizona law.